Silvio Group

The trade name SILVIO, was founded in the year 1.938 by Don Silvio Fernández Moreno, who was dedicated to the artisanal manufacture of orthopedic footwear and custom footwear with adapted lasts and plaster molds, while manufacturing orthopedic insoles with the materials of the time and splints for rehabilitation, primarily of the feet.

Currently Calzados Silvio, has 6 establishments in the city of Zaragoza, and in the search to expand its services and sales channels, exposes on its website, a representation of the models it sells, with the desire to be able to offer them and make them reach the customer from anywhere in Spain and Europe.

Calzados Silvio, always seeks to offer comfortable, modern models, with lasts that follow the latest trends, and offering these products with a very tight value for money. For this, Calzados Silvio designs and develops unique and different products to the market, making for this its own lasts and its own models, combining them with the best leathers, linings and floors ..... in order to obtain models that give satisfaction and comfort to the final customer.

Calzados Silvio, also offers the service of custom footwear, for those customers who do not find in standard footwear a definitive solution to their problems, consult our website or phone 976 225 883.

Interview with the founder Don Silvio Fernández Moreno in 1968 in the newspaper Heraldo de Aragón

Download by clicking here the interview with Don Silvio Fernández Moreno


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